By Surface

Ceiling boards are an ideal way to keep your home separated from your attic. Whether you would like stars painted onto your ceiling or new light fixtures installed, Candoo Services can help.

Doors are the entrance way into your home. Candoo’s Door Hanging team are skilled and cost effective when it comes to the installation or reparation of doors. From fire doors to pivot doors.

Your home’s exterior is the 1st impression you show the world. At Candoo Services we pride ourselves on our work, just as you do your home. Candoo has a great team of professionals.

Flooring is a major factor to any home owner. Candoo Services take pride in their flooring work, from interior and exterior tiling to a concrete screed, we do it all. Candoo Services offers flooring repairs to new floors

Roofing and chimney work can be an extremely dangerous job. Why not call Candoo Services to take the risk off you. From chimney sweeps to roof waterproofing.

Walls can serve as many features, from dividing rooms to the framework of your entire home. Walls however do come with their own set of problems such as damp or masonry work becoming brittle over time.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, that being said no job is too big or small for Candoo Services. From replacing a hinge to installing a new window and window frame. Call Candoo today for a quote.